We offer Handleveled accounts aswell as botted accounts. Our handleveled accounts have not had a single ban in the past

Instant & Safe Delivery

When you purchase an account, you will receive the login name and password immediately


Fair price if we look at many competitors.

Blue Essence

We have 30.000+ BE accounts, even up to 100.000+ BE

Unverified Mail

The emails on the accounts are not verified, when you buy an account you can change the email and verify your own mail.

Choose Your Skins

Choose and Search for specific skins on the Shop page


Looking to get your league of legends account to a higher rank?

We boost from Iron IV up to Grandmaster. We do this only on EUW and EUNE accounts so make sure your account is on one of those regions. Send us an message in discord to Username: ‘trapixx’ and we will help you with your request! 

The price will be discussed in discord cause it will depend on your account and your personal request. Hope to hear from you soon!

Why buy smurf accounts from PirateSmurfs?

Piratesmurfs offers the ability to have an insight on the skins the account has. This means u can buy a account with the skin you like or prefer. 

Piratesmurfs offers great prices as opposed to other smurf accoutns website charging over $15+ for an account where you are not able to inspect the skins.

The payments for Piratesmurfs go through STRIPE so you are guaranteed to have an safe payment method.

Frequently asked questions

Although the accounts are all above level 30, you need to have atleast 20 champs unlocked. You can unlock those by buying them with Blue Essence. Every account has enough Blue Essence to atleast buy 20 champions.

The account will be promptly delivered to the billing email spam folder that you specified in the checkout form. Before assuming that you haven’t received the account, please ensure that you check your spam folder.

Go to the official League of Legends website and login with the account information you received. Then go to settings and change your information to your likings.

To change your nickname for 13900 Blue Essence, all you need to do is open the League of Legends store within the LoL Client and select “Account” followed by “Change Summoner Name.”

Some skins are permanent and some are skin shards. This depends on every account. 

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